Simian Mobile Disco are a UK based production and remix team. The band was formed in 2005 by James Ford and Jas Shaw of the band Simian. In addition to his work with Simian Mobile Disco, James Ford is a producer and has worked with bands such as Florence & the Machine, Arctic Monkeys, Peaches and Klaxons.
Delicacies is the third studio album by British electronic band Simian Mobile Disco. It was released on the iTunes Store on November 23, 2010, and released in physical form on November 29, 2010. It is a collection of tracks inspired and named for various unusual foods the band have sampled while touring the world, hence the name. It has a stronger techno influence than their first two albums. Not to forget the recent EP, that they made with the vocalist Beth Ditto of  Gossip.

Simian Mobile Disco, will be showing the goods,this thursday 20 of January in one of the best houses of Portugal, and i will dare to say from Europe, a show that you should not miss.

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